Specialty Industry

Clean Energy

India is one the most attractive geography for clean energy investments. The growing concerns for environmental sustainability and national security and constrained supply of domestic fossil fuels, have led to strong push by the government in this area. With fifth largest installed wind capacity in the world and strong ongoing solar programs, India is making fast and steady progress in the sector of clean energy.

We work with government agencies, developers, lenders, funds, equity investors and end users to develop secure energy solutions which are sustainable as well as technologically and financially sound. We provide advanced alternative energy solutions to help clients respond to the evolving energy environment.

Our portfolio of consultancy and advisory services in Clean Energy Sector covers –

Market analysis and forecasting, analysis of the current regulatory regime and expected changes.

Assessment of renewable energy source potential, financial modeling, feasibility study preparation.

Searching for international equity partners, arranging finance, project management.

Market entry and exit strategy, and local partner identification and support.

M&A support, deal structuring, finance and corporate strategy.

Identification of investment opportunities and investment opportunity assessment.